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Download now TikTok videos without watermarks and logos. Just enter the link of the video into the input field below and click the download button.

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No watermark

Download TikTok videos without watermarks. Save any video without the TikTok logo.

Limitless Downloads

Save as many videos in highspeed as you want. No limits on the number of downloads.

Portable HD MP4

Download all TikTok videos in HD as MPEG-4 file. You can watch it on any device.

How to download videos

Without watermarks!

Copy the Link into the input field

Browse TikTok and search for the video you want to download. Click the Share button and choose "Copy Link". Go to "tiktake.net" and paste the link into the input field on top of the page.

Start the download process

After you paste the link into the input field, click on the "Download" button next to it. If the link is a correct TikTok Link we will prepare the download for you that can take up to a few seconds.

Download the video

The preparing process will take a few seconds up to a few minutes. After it has finished, you will see a download button. Click it to start the download. You will be asked where to save the file on your device. Choose a folder which you know how to get there.

That's it

The file is now permanently saved to your device until you remove it. You can watch it now anytime and anywhere. You can now start again on point 1. to download the next video.

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